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People always ask me where I came up with The name "The Velvet Turtle Salon". Its a short story really and has nothing to do with velvet or turtles. My family lives in California and while visiting my Grandma ,when I was about 7 years old ,we went to an ice cream store called "The Velvet Turtle". I fell in love with the name and told my parents that when I grew up I was going to own a salon and name it The Velvet Turtle,so it really was a dream come true! I opened in 2006  and have loved almost every minute of it! We were at our old location for ten years and moved a half a block away in January 2016. Now I have salon and wellness center. I'm truly blessed with a great team that keeps evolving. My passion for this business and the ideals of wellness in mind, body and soul keep my fire going and always looking for ways that clients can feel the best they can.

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Owner,Cosmetology Instructor, Managing Cosmetologist, Master Stylist, colorist & in the industry for over 25 years.