I was born into hairdressing, my mother had a hair salon in Lagrange ,Ohio.

At ten years old I was shampooing for her and by 16 I got my cosmetology  license. I went to college and came back to run my moms salon when she fell ill to cancer.Since then I have been In Oberlin for 50 years as a managing cosmetologist and Independent contractor Cosmetologist.I have demonstrated in seminars on hair, lifestyle and hair color. I've gone  on missionary trips with "Touching Lives World Wide" to teach hair cutting in Dominican Republic and Hatti.

My favorite part about my career is to meet new people and make them feel good about them selves also my dedicated clients that I've had for a long time.. I love Oberlin, it has the most diverse and interesting people in it.I've learned a lot about history,music,travel and what young peoples dreams are. I also  feel lucky that Kendal Retirement community came to Oberlin .They offer allot to the community and show me how to live life to the fullest. I have never wanted to work in any other town or city, I've been here a long time and planning on continuing to work to my fullest.


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